ONEOFONE ARCHIVE had its beginnings as a personal project, one of experimentation from second-hand materials and a desire to be resourceful at a young age. As Noah’s label developed, they started to become attentive to not only the fashion around them, but also the impact in which the increased production of these clothes were having on the world. This fed their creativity and begged the question, “how can I make my practice less harmful” to everything and everyone around me.

Identifying as more of an ‘artist’ as appose to a ‘fashion designer’, Noah believes Black creative minds are endless and forever evolving. And feels being called a ‘fashion designer’ is too small of a box to be put in. Noah is a multidisciplinary artist, venturing into medium’s such as spoken word poetry, music production as well as painting and photography - which they studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts in the year 2019-2020. 

Fascinated with the impact that streetwear has on modern fashion, Noah continues to create upcycled pieces heavily inspired by their love for the revolutionary style, which was pushed and inspired by Black people’s style from all around the globe.

“You can never really mass produce most of the pieces I make, which is kinda the point” - Noah

Noah seeks refreshing ways to show the world ‘upcycled fashion’ and through doing so, challenges the mainstream ‘mass production” basis of the big fashion corporation’s. Their unruly impact has led the fashion industry to account for 10% of the worlds annual carbon emissions and is projected to grow 50% by 2030.

It’s difficult to mass produce a garment that is so intricate, fabric choice specific & that take days-weeks to complete. Which is why Noah believes high quality, small production brands will reign supreme, and ultimately have more longevity than its opponents.

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