ONEofONE archive is an upcycling fashion label. Designed, created & curated by Noah Johnson out of Naarm/Melbourne, Victoria. Using 100% second-hand/reclaimed fabrics.


    I don’t regard fashion ‘sustainable’ as a whole, nor do I use it as a buzzword. A more sustainable practice is something I strive towards and will continue to as a small fashion designer through approaches including:

    • Using second-hand and reclaimed fabrics & clothing, and in turn producing upcycled garments; having compostable shipment packaging; using Sendle who are reducing their carbon emissions annually.

    • Creating garments on a made-to-order basis (unless garments are made as one-offs), which reduces the likelihood of unsold/sitting stock and leftover fabrics.

    Finally, I acknowledge and understand that the most sustainable approach for all would be zero production. But we all produce and create in some form so I beleieve we must ask ourselves the question continuously “how can I make my practice less harmful” to the earth, people, and ourselves.